Elohim – I Want You

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Foo Fighters Meets 70’s Bobby Caldwell – Live Looping Mashup by Elise Trouw

An Elise Trouw cover mashup of “Everlong” by Foo Fighters and “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell.

Recorded and Filmed in one take by Blowhole Sound (Scott Lehman) –

Live looping triggered through Ableton Live using the internal IAC MIDI driver.


Vintage Pearl drum kit
Pearl Jupiter snare
Paiste 14″ Dark Energy Hi-Hat
Paiste 22” Big Beat Ride
Regal Tip Jazz Series Sticks
Taylor T5z
Fender Mustang Bass
Korg SV-1


Neumann M147
QSC TouchMix 30 Pro
Empirical Labs Distressor
UAD plugins
Sennhesier EW 300 IEM
Audix drum mics
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Alone – Marshmello (Enchanted Jazz Forest Style Cover) ft. Niia

Postmodern Jukebox enchanted jazz forest style cover of “Alone” by Marshmello ft. Niia. | Get our NEW album, “Jazz Me Outside, Pt. 1”: http://ift.tt/2nZqNPL | Live Show Tix: http://ift.tt/2GNXSpD | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subPMJ
Watch next, “New Rules” (1920s Cover): http://bit.ly/2GUKb7B

The unique and brilliantly talented singer/songwriter Niia joined us
for this “enchanted forest” style cover of “Alone” by Marshmello — filmed outside PMJ Manor!

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Morning Sunlight – Chrono Trigger / ????? – ???????

Arranged and Performed a “Morning Sunlight”.
from Game music “Chrono Trigger”

Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.


????????????? “?????” ?????????


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Meine Meinung , sweez
via YouTube https://youtu.be/XzcQeF2SpYM