Loving Caliber – I’m Out Of My Mind (feat. G Curtis)

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GUMI – “SetsunaTrip” on guitars from Shoubu Zennya ?????? ????????????????

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Chrono Break Trailer

I’ve been making mockups for hypothetical game sequels for fun for many years. Generally all of them are still images where try to capture what made people connect to the original games and see where else I could take the concept, while still being recognizable.

After finishing a massive game project spanning a decade of development, I was ready to tackle a new series. I had already known for years I wanted to explore a hypothetical sequel to Chrono Trigger, Cross and Radical Dreamers, but it took me a full year until I figured out how I wanted it to look.

This has been my most ambitious spare time mockup so far, spanning about two months worth of work and featuring music by Jonathan Geer. If the sequel that was planned years ago was revived, this is likely how I would do it.

This video is not endorsed or licensed by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD and is not a game under development. This is made only for fun.
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Cool YouTube Video: seoul_wave


I spent a month in Seoul and saw a city racing to the future. Here’s the film I made with the help of the great people I met along the way. Director’s Commentary: https://youtu.be/S9kLihqA7jA

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Original Music by Steven Richard Davis https://ift.tt/2OeQ2s6
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Kris Gonciarz – http://tofu.media
Pavel Shin https://ift.tt/2vmiMZ0

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Mr. Shin Jin Gyu, Director
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A-Root Academy, President Mr Ahn
Danny Arens (https://ift.tt/2OapOHh)
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Ks Du
La Boehae ??? (https://ift.tt/2ONKwh3)
Seong Kim (https://ift.tt/2vMvsIb)
X6-Gaming, Element Mystic, Team Seven (Head Coach Mu Ho Lee, Coach Mr. Koo)
Yongrak Choi (https://ift.tt/2vmiOQC)
Seungjae Han (https://ift.tt/2OeQ3MG)
Minji Song(https://ift.tt/2M65clW)
Serin Youm(https://ift.tt/2Mi0sqs)
Odi (https://ift.tt/2Ma2s7r)
Club Burning Sun ???
Kobe Lee

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