I’ll warn you first off by saying that if you never played Starcraft 1, there are going to be terms that I use that you may not understand at all. I’m not even going to provide a glossary either so deal with it.  Again this is a super long post, so if you’re interested hit the break for more.

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Warcraft Retrospective

Covers Warcraft 1 and 2 with the expansion and the bump upgrade for War2: Battle.net Edition.  Cool watch at 15 minutes in length, just as high quality as the other retrospectives.

Thought and Action

I think for a while now I’ve lived with a seperation of thought and action.  I mean to do one thing in my mind but my actions indicate otherwise.  The downfall of it all is that I’m equipped to succeed yet I choose to drift along.  My will power required to break bad habits isn’t strong enough.  It’s almost as though I need to be brought straight to failure to realize that I have to change up my lifestyle.

Waking up today to my cat pawing at my mouth, I realized that instead of just talking about the things I need to accomplish and finish, I need to set in motion the plan to actually do the things I need to accomplish and finish.  I snapped at someone this weekend for talking about all these things they wanted to do.  I basically said, “Ok shut up already, just do it!”  As I typed it out, it resounded within me for a bit.

Without going into too much detail, I think I’ve had this philosophical notion of my life that’s put a handicap on my abilities and progress.  I’ve lived a life of trying to be behind the scenes and non-interfering with everything around me.  It’s time I became a bit selfish and self indulgent to my own needs and priorities.

So with that, this is my declaration of progress moving forward!  I need to finally break into programming as a hobby instead of just an activity I do for grades.  I need to reduce the amount of time I participate in my other hobby and turn it into a form of study for my future endeavors.

As an aside, I think the use of Google Reader and Twitter compounded this feeling that I watch life instead of live it.  I have an abundance of things I read about other people doing yet all I can say is an uninspired snippet here and there.

Blizzcon: Nongaming

So my biggest plan for Blizzcon was to have a really interactive experience with me posting to Twitter in real time and to shuck out news as fast as it came in.  Unfortunately, the center had closed WiFi this year, probably due to security, which put a huge block in my plans.  I realize now how cool devices like the iPhone are since I could have just had one of those and used 3G or Edge (seems like mostly edge in there) to get updates out.  So next year we’ll see.  I’m looking at getting a G1 or some android phone since the monthly rates are cheaper.  This post is SUPER long so read more after the break.

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Blizzcon Photos Uploaded

Blizzcon 08

I have other far darker pictures (stupid no flash) that I’ll look at brightening up to see if they’re passable for posting.

Off To Blizzcon

I’m off to Irvine for Blizzcon this weekend! You can keep track of me at www.twitter.com/avarim for my play by play. I’ll be taking a camera as well and plan on uploading to Picasa each day. Feel free to shoot me questions on twitter and I’ll be able to respond using my iPod. I’m looking forward to

  • Starcraft 2 hands on
  • Diablo 3 info
  • War3/Starcraft Tournaments

MOSTLY I’m looking forward to Starcraft 2. If Diablo 3 isn’t playable then the tournament stuff is really fun to watch. I get back in late late Sunday night.

My planned schedule will look like this:

  • WoW UI Panel
  • WoW Class Panel
  • Starcraft 2 Gameplay Panel
  • Hands on Starcraft 2/other games
  • Starcraft Semi-Finals
  • WoW Raids and Dungeons
  • The Guild (but may cut to see War3/Star finals)
  • Starcraft 2 Community Match

Stripey =(

My sister emails me today:

Stripey has been killed. She went missing almost two weeks ago, which was strange because she had never run away before. A handful of other people happened to have lost their cats around the same time. We didn’t think much of it, but today when I checked the mail there was a letter from the homeowner’s association that said they found at least 4 decomposing cats in some trash cans. They had like, BB/pellet wounds. So I mean, none of us actually saw her body, but… like I said, she wouldn’t just disappear on her own. Some punk(s) I guess decided to torture cats to death. 🙁

Seriously?  What sick bastard decides to find a cat WITH a collar and name tag just to shoot up.  Not one, but four?  Are you kidding me?  My parents live in a decent neighborhood too!  This is so irritating.  Stripey wasn’t all that fond of me though.  I wasn’t around much for most of it’s life so it doesn’t really know/remember me.  However my siblings/Dad loved that cat.  She was pretty hilarious too, I wish I had a picture.  She looked so fat but her hair was just sooooo poofy she looked much larger than she was.

Man that’s so messed up.  I hate people like that.  Again, Stripey had a collar and everything. I don’t care so much if people go around shooting alley cats or whatever.  I certainly don’t endorse it.  But when they’re clearly OWNED by someone you shouldn’t mess with them.  My cats are only maybe 2 years younger than her too.  She certainly didn’t live the full rich cat life.  =(  While my Dad seems to feel that it’s perfectly fine to let cats roam about, I’m too protective to let my cats do that.  You just can’t trust things like drunk drivers or accidents or INSANE PEOPLE WHO SHOOT COLLARED CATS!

Max Payne Movie Trailer

I remember years ago when Max Payne came out and the office was abuzz with chit chat regarding the awesomeness of the game and it’s bullet time effect.  For some reason, I didn’t play it.  I managed to avoid the peer pressure.  Maybe I wanted to play it and never got around to it.  Maybe his scrunched up face was a little off putting.  Seriously, can Marky Mark pull it off?  Let’s see the comparison:

Look at that face.  Sure you look at the back of his head for most of the game but when he turns around that’s what I gotta look at!  Anyway, faces aside, the movie is coming out.  And I’m watching it, and they mention something like “The devil is building his army” and “God wants to stay hidden” and then I see these demons and I think to myself, “Ummmm, I don’t remember demons in Max Payne.”

SHOTTY however said that I was an idiot and should have played that game for it to make more sense.  I don’t see why you’d market something for the minority if you want to make a successful movie.  I mean, wouldn’t you want it to be accessible and give it a mainstream appeal?  Wouldn’t after the movie you want to go play those games?  I don’t think airing a trailer highlighting confusing factoids would do that.  Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, then he linked a quality 2 minute trailer:


and it explains everything!  Now, I’m thinking, “Hey, this might be a totally awesome movie that I might go see!”

Note To Self: UPDATED

Smallville Season 8 premiers tonight. The CW’s take this season:

THE JUSTICE LEAGUE RETURNS TO FIND CLARK AFTER THE COLLAPSE OF THE FORTRESS; THE NEW CEO OF LUTHORCORP COMES TO TOWN — The Justice League, lead by the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), hits the Artic in search of Clark (Tom Welling), who disappeared after the fortress collapsed. The team immediately has a confrontation with the new CEO of Luthorcorp, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman). Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) is being held prisoner by a suspicious group who has discovered she has a new power, and Clark has been stripped of his powers by Jor-El. Erica Durance and Aaron Ashmore also star.

I still haven’t watched the abbreviated season 2 of Heroes.  Other than that, Battlestar Galactica sounds like it’s postponed until next April and that’s all I watch.

UPDATED: Impressions of S08E01 past the break

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Stride Microsoft Points Giveaway

If you need Microsoft points for something go here: http://stridelovesrockband.com/ and sign up.  I signed up on Monday and got my winning email today (found it in my junk mail so maybe I won yesterday).  If anything, it’s a free $2 for you to spend however you want on the MS store.