Who are you?
Timothy Hanson. I’m no one in particular, but maybe someday!

Where are you from?
Lubbock, Texas (2 hours south of Amarillo if you didn’t know, but why would you know where Amarillo is?) It’s a little dusty, a little boring, and very windy but it’s home nonetheless. Currently I’m a resident of Irvine, CA!

What do you do?
I was a CS major up at Texas Tech University, but now I work in the games industry (dream employer!). I should note all content on this page is reflective of myself as an individual and does not reflect the opinion of my employer.

Where did you go to school?
Graduate of Frenship High in Wolfforth, suburb outside of Lubbock (yes I spelled all of those correctly) then shipped straight out to Texas Tech.

What are your interests?


I was in band for about 6 years (from 6th grade to 12th) and I played a variety of instruments starting with the clarinet to the oboe, then I was in the drum line for marching season in high school starting on the cymbal line and moving towards pit percussion.  I was in region/area bands as well as the local youth symphony orchestra.  I have a pretty eclectic playlist on my iPod usually and people often chime in on the songs which is often a source of comedy as the tracks change.  I’m probably leaving a lot of stuff off the list but this is the snapshot off the top of my head. See my Pandora playlist for the types of things I like listening to.


  • Nintendo Standards: Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and any spinoff
  • Blizzard Titles: Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo
  • Square/Enix Classics: Final Fantasy Series, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana
  • Fighting Games: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter Series, Soul Calibur Series
  • Rock Band/Guitar Hero

I’m kind of a Nintendo fanboy, but I’m willing to play games on any system so long as they are fun. Similar to the music list I’m probably leaving a ton of cool games off this list.


  • Calvin & Hobbes
  • The Far Side
  • Ruroni Kenshin (not the terrible english voiced one, but the original fan subbed variety)
  • Naruto
  • Tenchi Muyo (except Tenchi in Tokyo)
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Trigun
  • Inuyasha
  • Combustable Campus Guardress
  • Dragonball
  • PvP
  • Penny Arcade
  • Transformers (classic series)

You either love or hate anime. Most people will watch a series like Dragonball in passing and think about how ridiculous it is. There’s a ton of in depth series out there such as Cowboy Bebop and Trigun that I would recommend anyone check out.

What all is involved in creating your webpage?
Notepad++ for the php, and Adobe Photoshop for images as far as software that is used in creating the page. The page itself is now powered by WordPress.  Hardware wise I run:

  • Intel i7 3770 Quad @ 3.4GHz
  • Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard
  • G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 690
  • 128GB Crucial SSD + 128GB Intel SSD + 300GB Raptor Western Digital HDD + 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black + Drobo array
  • 22″ Envision LCD + 24″ BenQ LCD
  • Logitech G15 keyboard + G13 Keypad + G700 Mouse
  • fUnc sUrface1030
  • Lite-On 48x12x48 Burner
  • Sony DRU-700 Dual Layer DVD Burner
  • Antec 900 Two Case
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Vivi, Optimus Prime (collector’s edition), Unicron (Armada) my Terran Marine Warpig and Orc Grunt toys are around for inspiration, and lots of cereal/tacos/strawberries/chips/sandwiches/pizza pockets for fuel.