Flash Projects

  • ACUHO-I Presentation Hub
    6/2003 – Second time using FlashMX. Again, basic scene animations/tweening, workaround solution for enabling external file opening with PC’s associated file program, dynamic text changes, dynamic scroll bar inserts, and intro/exit sequences. I worked with Disc Makers on the creation of 3″ mini cds and they developed the cd label. They are a great company and I would highly recommend them.

Programming Projects

  • Mass File Copier beta v0.7
    4/2001 – Program developed to facilitate moving downloads (mp3’s mpgs etc) from a generic download folder to more appropriate folders. This was around the time Napster was around and your download folder was also your upload folder. My workaround for that was to have a download folder separate from where my useable mp3 were. But it became tedious to have to open windows explorer every time I wanted to move the files, so I developed this app to view only particular file extensions to move. It lacks the ability to resize proportionally, remember last used settings, tab ordering, and a true move command. Currently you must copy, then delete. Otherwise, it’s a truly fast app for what it’s meant to do. I may go back and finish it one day.
  • Knight’s Tour
    4/2004 – Class project I thought was pretty cool. I ran into many different online versions that were just barely different in their implementation. I have the executable and the c++ source included, but not the .h files. This program will take in any size chessboard (up to the max int size anyway) and devise a path to travel the entire board hitting every square only once, if possible. Try it out with 5×5 sized boards as those solutions come up pretty fast. 8×8 takes around a minute or two sometimes just depending on where you start the knight out. The solution comes from brute force, so the algorithm is fairly unintelligent. Imagine going through a maze taking only left turns until you got stuck. Then backtracking to a point where you can take a right turn. Anyway, if you ever wanted to know if you can tour a chessboard with a knight this will tell you if you can or can’t. Just to show how fast your computer is, every time the program puts down a period, it has made 75,000 function calls which means it’s attempted that many possible moves.

Photoshop Projects

  • ResNet Logo
    2001 – I started working at Texas Tech University in November 2000 and they wanted a new logo. The old was was basically a big R and beside it was es and et above and below each other where the R both represented the R in Res and N in Net. So I made this. This was my first real Photoshop project and was basically an exercise in layers. Nothing fancy. It got an overhaul by a colleague of mine and I may put that one up for comparison when I find it.

  • Double T Image
    Summer 2002 – I decided to noodle around with Photoshop and this is what popped out. I blended two images and offset them in a grid pattern to form the core Double T (the logo of Texas Tech University). I then rendered some difference clouds in the back, did some fancy selection to remove parts of the underlying grid and threw it on a gradient background. The original file sadly was lost in a freak hard drive accident so this is only a poor gif version. I had managed to create a cool foam effect around the edges so it basically looked like it was coming out of a pre-packaged box. The overall idea was inspired by Kylie Minogue’s video Love at First Sight.

  • ResNet Ad Set
    2001 – Once done with the logo, it was time for some advertising. These are the fruits of my labor. Initially I started with the fire background logo, but it was decided that I go ahead and make different background images for different areas of campus. This shows off my beginning Photoshop abilities: using layers, layer blending, and manipulating files for print.