If you’ve subscribed to my Twitter RSS you can stop now if you also have the RSS feed here.  That is all!

This now solves the RSS problem of duplicate entries. Now if you’ve subscribed to this site you’ll get my reader shares as well as my tweets and regular posts.

UPDATE 1: Or something horrible can happen! My greader share mechanism spammed out like crazy and then the twitter tools plugin puked about it. On the one hand I’m lucky my Twitter account didn’t spam like crazy, however I’ll have to wait and see if it happens again. It will be unpleasant if it does.

Ugh, disabled twitter tools, but the reality is I need to disable the Google Reader plugin and find a replacement so I can go back to Twitter Tools. Frustrating.

UPDATE 2: Turned off Post->Twitter to see if that will help. If not then I’m going to have to scrap the daily greader share post.

UPDATE 3: Well it didn’t help, so I guess the daily spam is temporarily going away until I find a new GReader share output method.

UPDATE 4: Well I’ve recanted on my decison since my Google Shares are more compelling than my tweets. I was looking at various solutions and the coolest ones require PHP5.0 and my host is just slightly behind unfortunately. I’ll see if I can upgrade and then have it all sorted out, but for now, everything is going back to the way it was.