To celebrate 1 year with WordPress, I figured I’d punch up a new theme and call it a day.  However, pouring through all the WP themes leaves something to be desired.  It seems like many of the themes are created with half purposes and the artwork used is simply too specific to fit in general use.  Instead of a generic sort of theme they create a very niche theme.  Ah well.

The main problems I want to tackle are highlighting my Twitter feed and showcasing the Reader news.  If I can do the latter then I feel like I can move away from daily update autoposts to weekly wrap ups.  Additionally for anyone subscribed to all the RSS feeds, you run into a problem of data overlap where my Twitter is telling you I posted a new article and then if you’re part of the reader shares then you get it twice when the site publishes them.  It’s all very annoying.  Hopefully a new version will spawn by August though and I can clean up some of these issues.