I was at a tech training conference the other month and recently discovered Zappier and If This Then That. So here I am jumping on the bandwagon!

So far I’ve only setup If This Then That and only a handful of things:

  • When NASA’s image of the day changes, change my android phone’s wallpaper
  • Save Fitbit sleep logs to Google Spreadsheets
  • Document Fitbit activity to Google Spreadsheet
  • Log every time I charge my phone to a google spreadsheet
  • Liked YouTube videos post to this site
  • Uploaded public YouTube videos post to this site
  • Twitter tweets post to this site
  • New Flickr photos post to this site

The phone wallpaper change is pretty neat, I like having the new backgrounds daily. Some of the other ones are interesting for data logging. The main big/good change is that it’s much easier to setup integrations here so the old webpage will see some activity. Admittedly all I’ve been mostly using this site for is my tiny tiny rss installation. Ideally this site is a nexus for all these other cool technologies and converging in one space.

This has made me really want to look into the smart lighting and smart car automations that ITTT has with Auto and Hue. Even Nest as well. Setup a scenario where as I leave, the thermostat is automatically turned off when I’m gone. As I come home or as I enter the lights turn on for me, etc. OR this is all a hilarious overuse of technology and it just highlights my want to throw money at my laziness.