My sister called and let me know she took my cat to the vet because he had been sick since Saturday. It turns out his kidneys had failed and he had to be put down. Out of the history of all my cats he’s the first one who didn’t mysteriously run away or get run over by a car.

He was so hilarious, he pretty much acted like a dog, always so curious and never afraid to go up and investigate things for you. He was my anti-alarm clock. Before the alarm would go off, he’d hop up on my chest and sleep so I would feel guilty about getting up. He had so much personality and he would always talk back to you if you spoke to him. I carried on outrageously long conversations with him as silly as it was. He loved watching me play Rock Band and would always encourage me to keep practicing. He loved cotton candy and cheese. He would watch me play on the computer and always had advice for me. He was the most unique cat I have ever met and more than that he was truly my cat.

The main things I’ll remember of him are asking him to take care of Mattie while I’m away

Always being at my side even if it’s inconvenient

Doing dumb cute things

And just generally always being around for me

He never realized he grew up, he acted like he was the world’s most curious kitten even though he was way too big to do the things he would do. I regret not going to visit over the holidays now but there’s nothing that can be done about that. I’m worried about how Mattie will get along without her life-long buddy. Goodbye Rex, you were my best non-human friend I ever had.