Man I didn’t realize how great Friendfeed is. Again one of those things I hear people talking about but haven’t setup myself. It’s basically what my site does, it aggregates all the stuff you are setup for and then puts it into one tidy page so you can do a fast reference of what you’ve been up to. As said below my feed is located at: and it pulls together all my social networking stuff (except Facebook) in one nice feed.

I’m not sure how Facebook’s acquisition of the site will affect it since there’s already a Friendfeed app for Facebook (that gets kinda spammy and not sure if it affects the home updates) but it will be interesting I guess. I’m toying around with how it interacts on this site and I think I can jam updates into the main article section. If you have subscriptions or accounts with any of the links on the top right, I’d suggest also signing up for Friendfeed to pull it all together.