5 years ago I made a huge mistake in choosing which content management system I’d use as the backend of this site. I chose something that wasn’t popular which is the main point against it. For what I used it for it worked great (cutephp) but I was trying to solve a problem that didn’t exist and now I’m stuck with tons of old content that’s on a crappy template and not protected by spam.

I’ve updated my site to run php5 stuff and I’ve broken the loose method of keeping all my old posts (shove them onto a separate page and call it a day) organized. The old pages still work but the search throws out errors. Quite vexing.

There’s no easy way to export from Cute to WordPress without just manually moving entries. If I did this the comments wouldn’t move over which is another annoyance. I think I’ll take my time the next 6 months and start copying things over one at a time and seeing what happens I guess. Very cumbersome.

In other news, I’m considering taking the reader shares off the front page and making it a separate page entirely. I suspect this is a very easy thing to do so hopefully it’ll be whipped out pretty quickly. If it isn’t easy, then I’m throwing my hands up in failure.