Our Biggest Prayer Service Yet!

We’re going to need a bigger room. As I watched the skate rink fill up tonight, I thought, “what are we going to do when we run out of chairs?” What started as a few dozen people has ballooned into a gathering as big as our Sunday mornings. At a prayer service!

As Pastor Chris said:

“I believe more than ever that “Closet Prayer Changes Lives, But Corporate Prayer Changes Cities.” I’ve always loved Lubbock and have always dreamed of seeing our city transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe we may be nearing a great movement of God in our region!!!”

Special thanks to Berry, our Prayer Pastor, who is truely leading the charge to transforming our city.

Our goal has always been to start a movement that will impact our city first and the world next. This is why eLife began with a Prayer Gathering and the services and LifeHouses came later. I’m proud that eLife was started on the principle of prayer.

To think it was just 3 years ago our prayer gathering started with 10 people at Chris’s house. Never in our wildest dreams did I think I’d see what I saw today. God is so good!

So as we say:
Vision 2010 = 300+ praying reguarly
Vision 2018 = 58,000+ praying at Jones stadium

If you would like to volunteer to set up for prayer service contact Berry Alvis: berry@experiencelifenow.com

Kelly Hudson and Brandon Gaines set-up 300 chairs for Monday night prayer service.

The band gearing up for a full house.